Facts To Know About Symptoms Associated With Herpes
Posted on: January 1, 2017, by : Gregory Serrano

Herpes usually goes unnoticed for a long time after contraction due to its asymptomatic nature. It will present no noticeable symptoms until when an outbreak is about to occur, making it almost impossible to detect it early. Only a health care provider can determine whether you have the virus when it is at the asymptomatic stage.

Symptoms location

When the symptoms start showing up, the location of those symptoms will depend on the virus type. For oral herpes, the symptoms will be present in and around the mouth. Genital herpes will present symptoms on and around the genitals and anus. The severity of these symptoms will vary for different individuals

Early symptoms

The early herpes symptoms are almost similar to those of the flu, caused by the body gearing up to fight a flare-up of the herpes virus. The symptoms include high fever and regular headaches as well as irritability and depression. Inflammation of lymph nodes may also occur, in particular to those that are located close to the site of the impending outbreak.

Early symptoms of oral herpes

For oral herpes, a cold sore will begin to occur. It starts with a mild and tingling redness on the skin, which slowly develops into a blister. The blister can be of any size and will cause some pain. The major location is usually near the lips, but they can occur anywhere in or around the mouth including on the tongue. The blisters contain a clear fluid and will burst and dry during the cycles of the symptoms. The fluid in the blisters is highly contagious, and it significantly increases the chances of the virus transmission.

Early symptoms of genital herpes

For genital herpes, the first symptoms will include an itching or burning sensation around the genital and buttocks area. All the other symptoms will be almost similar to those of oral herpes, except that they will be occurring in the genital area.

Advanced symptoms

The more advanced symptoms related to genital herpes include small blisters forming on the skin on or around the genitals. The blisters may appear in groups or as individuals. Eventually, the tops of the blisters are going to come off, leaving them as open wet sores. During the healing process, the sores will dry up and scabs will develop, leaving no scarring as they disappear.

adcADcdavcadvSymptoms duration

An entire cycle of the herpes symptoms may last anywhere between two and four weeks. For the first outbreak, which typically occurs within a couple of weeks after the initial disease transmission. The effects of the first outbreak will be a lot worse compared to the successive epidemics.

Dealing with the symptoms

Herpes is a very uncomfortable disease to live with. It not only messes with your health but your confidence levels and social life as well. You can make good use of some useful products such as the HSV Eraser by DR. Christine Buehler, to kick the virus out of your body permanently.