Hiking to Better Health
Posted on: September 8, 2016, by : Gregory Serrano

Nature is beautiful and a great gift from God. Very many people find peace in nature, it’s calm and allows for freedom. It is not a bad idea to get yourself free time and spend it with nature. The best way to interact with nature is hiking. Visit http://mywildearth.com/ to see some of the greatest places you can go for hiking. In hiking, you don’t just get to interact with nature, but other benefits are in store as well.


Improves mood

kjkjkjjkjHiking can be used as therapy for those suffering from depression. Being out in nature and away from daily chores or businesses brings peace and a sense of wellbeing to a person. Hiking will inspire people suffering from severe depression to live an active lifestyle. It gives people an opportunity to have something else occupy their mind other than the daily stress.

Hiking heals

The benefits of hiking are far beyond cardiovascular health. Research shows cancer patients can gain a lot from hiking. It helps the cancer patients to recover quickly. The study proved that walking for long distances improves the antioxidative capacity which helps in fighting diseases. Women with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer who exercise by hiking have a higher chance of healing quickly.


Research shows that trekking for 1 hour will burn over 500 calories depending on inclination and the weight you are carrying. Losing weight can be achieved fast if you focus your hiking on the mountains since even altitude helps in weight loss. Hiking will also reduce the danger of diabetes, heart disease and strokes significantly since it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood. When hiking on a mountain going uphill and downhill will benefit the body. Going uphill is useful in reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure but going downhill is twice effective in improving glucose tolerance and removing blood sugars.

Boosts creativity

Hiking works out your body as well as it does your brain. Hiking will increase blood flow to the brain and enable oxidation which is essential in boosting brain activity. Hiking also exposes your body to nature and rids you from technology and the daily life stress. This is critical to improving brain activity and enabling creativity and problem-solving skills.


kjkjkjkjkHiking has a lot of advantages that are achieved naturally. If you are looking to get fit, forget the gym and go to a steep hike. If you are a cancer patient, don’t lose hope in life just go hiking. For those who want to be creative forget about caffeine and get yourself outdoors far away from human disturbance and technology. And finally, nothing improves your moods better than the calm, serene environment and the breeze that nature offers.