Home Gym Equipment For Seniors
Posted on: May 23, 2017, by : Gregory Serrano

As we age, our bodies need extra attention to remain in shape. However, age should not be a reason to workout. In fact, as you get old, doing regular workouts is the only sure way to ensure your body remains healthy. However, most senior citizens find it difficult committing to strenuous workouts in the gym. In this case, working out at home is usually a convenient and better option. You do not have to spend time in traffic moving to a gym. Instead, you can create a gym in your basement. With any of the following Home Gym Equipment, you can quickly improve your health.

Elliptical machineaSdaScA

An elliptical machine is a good asset when it comes to working out your cardio and body muscles. Ideally, it is a stationary machine that has a rotary surface that imitates running or walking depending on the speed settings. Its low impact nature makes it perfect for the elderly or anyone with joint related issues.

Free weights

You can have as many free weights in your home gym as possible. One common type of free weight is the dumbbells. Free weights go a long weight in helping you tone up with minimal strain. You can always start with lighter weights as you progressively move to heavier ones depending on your fitness levels.

Recumbent bike

Like stationery bikes, these bikes are good for cardio workouts. However, using a recumbent bike is better than using a stationary bike considering that they support you back as you work out. They can also be used to strengthen your leg muscles without subjecting your knees to a lot of pressure.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are workout equipment used to aligning or improving your posture. These blocks can be made from either foam or wood. With them, you can use them to perform several yoga poses. With them, the possibilities of pulling muscles are minimal.

asdcASdaSxOther equipment

Besides the equipment discussed above, one can also invest in other workout aids like resistance bands, rowing machines, treadmills or a stability ball. Ideally, there are many options to choose from when looking for workout equipment.

Before starting any exercise program or buying home gym equipment, it is advisable to speak to a doctor or a fitness instructor. Speaking to someone who understands your health is good in all ways considering that we all have different fitness goals and objectives. However, if you are accustomed to working out and using this equipment, buying what you need should be easy.