vs3We all know that pregnancy is an overwhelming state that comes with mixed feeling, anxieties, and emotions. This is the reason a lot of complications occur during this stage.

Pregnancy complications can result in birth defects leading to a compromised health state of your baby. However, you can avoid these complications to a great extent only if you take good care of yourself. Here are some tips on Pregnancy and Childbirth – avoid complications

Tips on how to avoid complications during pregnancy that may lead to childbirth defects


Get rid of all harmful substances.


Alcohol is not safe at all during pregnancy. Taking alcohol passes to the developing baby through the umbilical cord. If you take alcohol during your pregnancy, then you are risking your child from getting fetal alcohol spectrum disorders commonly abbreviated as FASDs. It is good for you to stop drinking when you are pregnant.

Additionally, smoking cigarettes during pregnancy can lead to a low birth weight. Preterm birth, infant death, and cleft lip are other dangers you can get if you smoke when you are pregnant. Marijuana and other drugs can lead to infections and other child birth defects. It is advisable that you avoid all harmful substances during this stage.

Learn to practice a healthy lifestyle


If you are diabetic, it is vital that you keep it under control to avoid childbirth defects. It is good for you to practice proper health care at this stage. Good lifestyle implies maintaining a healthy weight. Remember that obesity is no good and increases your chances of childbirth defects. Some light yoga and regular morning walk exercises can do you best in remaining mentally and physically fit. This also helps you in keeping away stress.

Practice proper nutrition


A good diet can aid you a lot in minimizing your chances of getting childbirth defects. Eat fresh foods and avoid leftovers. If need be, you can consider talking to your doctor in case you will need dietary supplements.

Practice safety precautions


Standing, walking and sitting posture matter a lot during pregnancy. This is the stage you must throw away your high heel shoes and sandals and learn to stand straight. Long journeys and travels on bumpy roads are not recommended in case you are pregnant.

Avoid negative thoughts


Negative thoughts can result in complications in your pregnancy. There is a strong connection between your thoughts and that of your fetus. There are various activities you can indulge in to avoid getting stressed at this stage. In fact, there are different classes organized for pregnant women, and you can get most out of them.