What Are The Services Offered By A Podiatrist?
Posted on: September 29, 2016, by : Gregory Serrano

A podiatrist is a medicine`s doctor who is a specialist in providing medical diagnosis and the treatment of all ankle and foot problems. However, he or she is not limited to the fractures, sprains, hammertoes, fungal and ingrown toenails, corns, heel spurs, neuromas, bunions warts, and calluses. They also offer care concerning the fractures, sprains, infections, ankle and heel and the foot injuries.

A podiatrist helps in preventing and correcting deformities, ensuring the people are active and mobile and treating and relieving infections. He or she will always advise you and your family on how to take care of your feet and the type of shoes that you should wear. They are a great solution to the day-to-day problems in your feet and ankles. Here are services offered by a podiatrist.

Services offered by Podiatrist

Solutions to painful foot problemsyh23etdc6eyd7u28edi92o2

A podiatrist provides you with the both immediate solutions to the painful foot problems that may either be short term or long term depending on the severity of the problem. A podiatrist is qualified in providing education on how to deal with the common problems such as bunions, toenail problems, foot pain and the foot care products.

Diabetic Foot Screening

A podiatrist performs the screening of diabetic patients to ascertain whether one is at a high risk of developing the foot problems or not. This is done by regular checking of the feet`s health regarding cases of ulcers, circulation and the areas that are at risk of high blood pressure as well as the nail care. Moreover, he conducts the screening of all potential foot problems in case you are suspecting that you might be suffering any foot problems.

Conducts minor surgery

A podiatrist performs the minor surgeries with the use of local aesthetics to correct the minor foot injuries. Moreover, he or she offers the prescription aids that are meant to help in solving of the structural imbalances that affect the legs, ankles, and the feet. The surgeries that can be performed by the podiatrist include the heel spur surgery, Neuroma surgery, bunion surgery, ingrown toenail surgery, and hammertoe surgery. He or she can also do the ankle replacement and the reconstruction of the forefoot to solve your foot problems.

Treatment of infections the affect the foot

A jmkmnb2e4d52ed62y72i2podiatrist also helps in treating of the foot problems such as the athlete’s foot which is a skin disease that affects the lower part of the foot and the toes and then spreads to the other body parts. The problem is always caused by the fungus that is attributed to an itchy foot. He or she also treats the toenail fungus infection that affects your nails and changes their appearance. They use modern and a state of the art equipment such as the laser treatment to treat the infections. Besides, they also offer the foot care options to deal with plantar warts or warts that are caused by the virus